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Founded in 1964, Cascades is a leading North American waste paper recovery company, converting recycled fibers into packaging and tissue products. Respecting resources comes naturally to us and innovative products such as northbox® are tangible proof.

Circular economy

The life cycle of products is at the heart of our design strategy. That’s why the designers of the northbox focus on end-of-life recovery and recycling, while simplifying matters for the end-user.


Made with recycled fibers.


First, the recycling facility sorts your bin content and makes bales with discarded paperboard. These bales are shipped to a paperboard mill where they are mixed with water (repulping process) and blended into pulp. The paper machine then transforms the pulp into recycled paperboard.


100% pulper-safe – no contaminant
northbox® insulator is made with water-based glue and is wax-free. The extra-thin metallized lining is encapsulated between two plastic films, eliminating the risk of crumbling in the pulp during the recycling process. The film is expelled by the pulpers’ cleaning device, while northbox®’s insulator and box are repulped to become paperboard again.

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