Cool shipping ideas

Ideal for DTC courier shipping

Cascades Inc. has developed northbox®, a recyclable thermal box that ensures e-shipment freshness to your customer’s door. Our models offer a cost-effective shipping option for all temperature-sensitive products, like frozen and fresh food sent by parcel delivery.

Corrugated box

Choose a corrugated box size:
We offer competitive standard models or custom dimensions to optimize your DIM weight.

Make your brand stand out:
Custom brand your box with your company’s logo and colour scheme.

Insulating Liner

Modulate your performance

Insulation can be adapted to changing seasons and delivery timeframes. With northbox®, you can keep a consistent packaging look and maintain freshness in any transit or environmental conditions.

Our thermal packaging experts will help you select the optimal combination of box volume, liner level and ice pack quantity.

Level 1 insulator:

Ideal for same-day or overnight next-day deliveries, and mild weather.

Level 2 insulator:

Ideal for next-day or two-day deliveries, and more extreme hot or cold weather.


Laboratory-tested following the international ISTA 7E standard, northbox®’s unique insulating technology ensures compliance with thermal requirements.

As your partner, we support you in your commitment to deliver optimal freshness. You can rest assured that our products are the result of our extensive expertise and years of experience in manufacturing thermal containers for food. And our customers confirm it!

Unique Technology

Our insulation technology consists of a FSC-certified* paperboard structure and a reflective lining attached with water-based glue. The encapsulated metallized layer is 100% pulper-safe and allows complete fiber recycling.

*on request

Efficient Design

The insulator consists of two C-shape paperboard liners. The box and insulator are shipped flat to optimize transport and storage, and are easy to assemble.

The liner is designed to enhance the box’s stacking strength and speed up the pick & pack process.

Let’s talk to see what option works best for you!