Rethinking Insulated Packaging

Shipping food sustainably by mail is now made easy with northbox® recyclable insulated containers. This revolutionary cooler box is custom-designed for temperature-sensitive products such as ready-to-cook & ready-to-eat meal kits, cold-pressed juice, online groceries and much more.

Keeps cool at a perfect 39°F (4°C)
100% recycled and recyclable
Ideal for direct-to-consumer delivery

Recyclable paper-based liner

1-step disposal in recycling bin

Consumers simply place the convenient box and insulating liner in a recycling bin to become part of your green initiative. northbox® was created and manufactured by Cascades Inc., a leader in green packaging for industrial, commercial and food applications.

Our team will give you expert guidance and recommend suitable packaging for your shipping needs.

We understand your requirements. We will guide you in choosing the right insulation level and amounts of refrigerant to use, based on the product you are shipping, shipment time and ambient temperature with our northbox IceQ® custom tool. Shipping problems? Need to reduce SKUs? DIM weight? Rethinking packaging is our expertise.

WE ASSESS your specific requirements

WE OPTIMIZE your packaging

WE TEST for optimal cooling

Ready for fresh ideas?


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