About Us

Rethinking Industrial Packaging

Through Performance and Green Innovation

Rethinking industrial packaging is our expertise.
Our ultimate goal is to generate efficient, innovative solutions using recyclable systems made from recycled material.

Industrial Packaging is one of
the four business units under
Cascades Specialty Products Group.

Industrial packaging is active in four commercial sectors, working in synergy
toward the complete offer.

Our Complete Offer

Our vision

For us as a maunfacturer, rethinking industrial packaging means finding innovative ways to streamline the entire process of the supply chain with the least impact on the environment.

Your benefits

Reducing overall costs. At Cascades, we achieve this by minimizing the number and size of protective packaging components, by optimizing the protection/conservation performance, and by speeding up processing and handling.

The complete offer

Cascades supports your entire industrial packaging needs with systems, products and materials, such as Technicomb Protective Packaging, Multiboard Specialty Containers, Structural Components and Paperboard & Fiber Composites.