Rethinking: Furniture Components

Fibersmart Multiboard » Reduces Costs Lowers Weights

Furniture Components

FiberSmart Paperboard Components Advantages

  • Sturdy, cost-effective, purpose-designed, ultralight components
    Lower weight than traditional materials
  • FiberSmart Technology - less fiber, more performance
  • Impressive weight-to-strength ratio
  • Increased structural integrity
  • Cost savings over traditional raw materials
  • Streamlined logistics, close proximity manufacturing
  • E-consignment (min/max) - automatic replenishment
  • Eco-friendly, made from recycled materials
Built to Spec Fiber Smart Technology
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Product Features

Technicomb Cell

Technicomb Cell Built to Spec

Product Advantages

  • High performance-to-cost ratio paperboard honeycomb cell
  • Superior-quality alternative to solid filling material for furniture panels
    • Robust, solid feeling panel assembly
  • Ultralight filling
    • 52 to 77% lighter*
    • Easier handling of panels*
    • Less transportation cost*
  • More stiffness and strength when used in shelf assembly
    • Higher load bearing strength**
  • High-pressure resistance
    • Wide range of pressure strengths obtained through combinations of cell sizes,
      paper grades and cell heights
  • Adaptable to different shapes and contours
*Compared to solid filled furniture panel
**Compared to similar size chipboard panel

Product Applications

  • Furniture panel core
  • Shelfcore
  • Decorative partition core
  • RTA furniture
  • Shower back panel core

Technical Specifications

  • Cell height: 0.2 in. to 4 in. / 5 mm to 100 mm
  • Available:
    • Compact cell (block cell): manual operation
    • RTA cell (expanded): low volumes
    • Seamless (continuous): mass production

Product Features

Structural Panel

Multiboard Structural Panel

Product Advantages

  • Superior structural integrity
  • Stiffness - rigidity
  • Adaptable to contours - reverse slit score
  • Die-cut (hole for cables)
  • Puncture resistant
  • Choice of surface treatments and lamination techniques to considerably enhance
    component performance

Product Applications

Built to Spec
  • Furniture backing
  • Decorative furniture backing
  • Drawer bottom

FiberSmart Multiboard Construction

  1. Coated linerboard (recycled or virgin)
  2. Wet-strength uncoated recycled paperboard
  3. PVA glue (high-performance laminate)
  4. Wet-strength uncoated recycled paperboard
  5. Recycled linerboard