Structural Components Challenge

Rethinking Structural Components

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Rethinking Furniture Components

Furniture Components Rethinking Furniture Components

Cascades offers RTA and mail order furniture manufacturers Technicomb, a honeycomb core that is a superior quality, lightweight alternative to heavy solid materials. The combinations
of possibilities and applications are almost infinite. Cascades builds to spec Multiboard, a decorative and plain backings, as well as drawer bottoms. The cost-effective, ultralight alternatives
to traditional materials.

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Rethinking Door & Partition Components

Door & Partition Components Rethinking Door & Partition Components

Cascades designs and manufactures Technicomb, a paperboard honeycomb cell. It is the ideal replacement of solid filling material for door cores and partitions. Cascades also provides the construction industry with Multiboard, a laminated multilayered paperboard construction used for interior paneling and the manufacturing of insulation / acoustical boards. The high strength-to-weight ratio alternatives.

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Rethinking Automotive Components

Automotive Components Rethinking Automotive Components

Cascades FiberSmart Technology works hand-in-hand with automotive component technology. Lighter components mean
less fuel consumption. Through advanced work on ber technology, Cascades creates components that meet this technical challenge. The eco-friendly FiberSmart solution to dealing with
excess weight.

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Rethinking Book Binder And Sample Board

Book and Binding Components ยป Rethinking Book Binder And Sample Board Components

Cascades introduces the high-performance laminated board. Many differement options are available; hardcover book board, binder, sample board and grooved board. Made from laminated board, these products assure strength and resistance.

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