Rethinking: Thermo-Fresh Containers

SPECIALTY CONTAINER ALTERNATIVE » Replaces non-recyclable containersl, Reduces Operating Costs

Thermo-Fresh Containers

Product Advantages

  • Sustainable replacement of traditional non-recyclable containers
  • Product freshness maintained at 39°F/4°C
  • Significant reduction of shipping and handling damage; no cracking
  • Patented leakproof design for shipping products on ice
  • Fits on standard pallets; can be double stacked
  • OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) recovery and recycling*
  • Approved for air transport (logo de IATA)
  • Mail-friendly
  • Approved for direct food contact
  • No plastic bag required for fish
  • Printable for extra brand visibility
    The metalized film component of ThermaFresh, which represents less than 5% in weight of the whole container, may not be accepted by some recycling programs
    ® ThermaFresh is a registered Trademark of Fresh Bailiwick Inc. used under license.
Built to Spec Built to Spec Recycled/Repulpable/Recyclable
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Product Features

  • Fresh fish conservation
  • Fresh seafood conservation: lobster and crab
  • Fresh cheese conservation
  • Fresh meat conservation

Packaging & packing specifications

  • Sizes : Ranging from 0.22 cubic ft (6 liters) to 1.673 cubic ft (50 liters)
  • Color finish: white or kraft
  • Printable
  • Waterproof and wax-free coating
  • Leakproof when stored upright

Loading Patterns

Streamlined Logistics

Environmental Performance