Rethinking: Extreme H2O Containers

Multiboard Container Alternative » Cost-effective Submersible under water

Extreme H2O Containers

Product-System Advantages

  • Green alternative to wax-covered boxes
  • Submersible
  • Resistant to high-pressure showers
  • High structural integrity - reienforced structure
  • Rupture and puncture resistant
  • Brand-friendly - high preprint or offset print quality
  • Retail ready
*The lm component of the inner and outer box, which represents less than 5%
in weight of the whole container, may not be recycled by some recycling programs
Wax Free Repulpable
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Product Features

Business Advantages

No Risk
  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • No additional disposal fee vs. $0.40 / cu. ft. for wax-covered boxes
  • Eco-friendly
  • E-consignment (min/max) - automatic replenishment
  • Streamlined logistics, close proximity manufacturing
  • Complete packing solution, full and efficient integration to your packing line
  • No-risk proposition

Product Applications

  • Commercial vegetable harvesting
  • Fruit harvesting
  • Bag-in-a-Box

FiberSmart Multiboard Construction


A FiberSmart Multiboard construction is based on making better use of the physical and
chemical properties of fiber. This multilayered construction also includes the most leading-edge
surface treatments and lamination techniques, delivering the added performance required.

  1. Water repellant barrier (polycoated or water-based coating)
  2. H2O resistant recycled or virgin white linerboard
  3. Water resistant glue
  4. H2O highly resistant recycled paperboard
  5. Waterproof barrier (polycoated or water-based coating)

Technical Specifications

Built to Spec
  • Sizes: 11 lb
    5 kg
    22 lb
    10 kg
    33 lb
    15 kg
    44 lb
    20 kg
    55 lb
    5 kg
  • Color finish: white or kraft
  • Preprint: up to 10 colors
  • Coating: waterproofing 1 or 2 sides