Rethinking: Pads & Partitions

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Rethinking: Pads & Partitions

Product Advantages

  • Eliminates damage during product transportation and handling
  • Cost-effective partitions for automatic, high volume packaging systems
  • Paperboard stiffness provides better performance on the assembly line
  • High-compression resistance paperboard for optimal box stacking
  • Purpose-designed FiberSmart paperboard technology allows
    barrier performance against vapor/water, abrasion, slippage and static
  • Ultrasoft finish protects product labels against scuffing
  • Consistent product performance is attained through
    rigorous manufacturing processes and inspections
  • Wide range of calipers
  • Custom-made die-cut design available
  • Color finish options
FiberSmart Technology Recycled Recyclable
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Product Features

Business Advantages

  • 100% recycled, 100% recyclable, 100% repulpable
  • Cascades is committed to innovating and creating eco-friendly inner-packaging protection
  • Cascades is fully integrated with more than one hundred converting plants, paper mills and recovery operations
  • FSC certified raw material available upon request
  • Box or container design services adapted to partition specifications
  • Warehousing and storage options available
  • Paperboard Waste Recovery – Closed-Loop Recycling Program availability

Product Applications

Built to Spec
  • Beer Packaging
  • Wine & Liquor Packaging
  • Food Packaging
  • Glass Containers Packaging
  • Agricultural Packaging
Pads & Partitions Product Applications

Technical Specifications

Fit to Size System
  • Cell counts: up to 48
  • Heights: 2.75 in. to 15.5 in. / 70 to 394 mm
  • Lengths: up to 23.5 in. / 597 mm
  • Widths: up to 23.5 in. / 597 mm
  • Solidboard Caliper: 26 to 47 pt.
  • Option: glued-over partitions and die-cut