Rethinking: Load Securement

Protective Packaging Chain » Reduces costs, Reduces Damage

Rethinking: Load Securement

Product-System Advantages

  • Eliminates damage during product transportation
  • Reduces expenses related to reworking and product devaluation,
    when used in accordance with Cascades' cargo planning expertise
  • Reduces the number of load securement components required
  • Masters the art of compression to optimize load stability
  • Adopts cargo-specic types of protection
  • Provides cargo planning expertise, allowing implementation of the
    best load securement techniques and practices
  • Respects AAR (Association of American Railroads) rules and regulations
  • Eco-friendly, repulpable and made from recycled materials
Fit to Size System Fit to Size System
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Cargo Planning Expertise
Expandable Void Filler

Expandable Void Filler

  • Cost-effective paperboard-based system
  • Eliminates in-transit pallet movement
  • Maximizes air flow inside refrigerated trailers to reduce condensation problems associated with frozen and fresh goods.

Components: Honeycomb-based system

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