Rethinking: Handling & Shipping

Protective Packaging Chain » Reduces costs, Reduces Damage

Rethinking: Handling & Shipping

Product-System Advantages

  • Makes handling and shipping easier and brings down
    its overall cost
  • Provides cost-effective, eco-friendly alternatives
    to traditional wood and plastic pallets
  • Offers sturdy, light pallets and protection systems
  • Ensures custom-fit solutions to particular shipping conditions
    and products with irregular surfaces and dimensions
  • Eco-friendly, repulpable and made from recycled materials
Recycled Repulpable Recyclable Fit to Size System
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Technicomb Spool Stacking System

Technicomb Spool Stacking System

  • Provides die-cut pallet and separator
  • Increases stackability
  • Enhances load stability
  • Eliminates damage to outer layer of product

Components: Honeycomb-based system

Diecut Fit To Size System Recyclable