Rethinking: Product Protection

Protective Packaging Chain » Reduces costs, Reduces Damage



  • Flexible protective packaging system that reduces damage during shipping and handling
  • Cost-effective, ecological alternative to traditional wrapping material
  • Fewer packaging components
  • Suitable for irregularly shaped products
  • Purpose-designed FiberSmart paperboard technology :
    Anti-abrasive liner option avaialble
    Cohesive coating option avalaible
Recycled Repulpable Recyclable Fiber Smart Technology
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Product Features


Sans Risque
  • Reduces overall operating and packaging costs by up to 25%
  • Cuts down on the number of SKUs needed in stock; less warehousing space required
  • Full and efficient integration into your packaging line
  • Made of recycled material, 100% recyclable and easy to compact
  • Paperboard Waste Recovery - CLOSED-LOOP SYSTEMTM
  • Risk-free, proven solution
  • E-consignment (min/max) automatic replenishment

Product Applications

  • Automotive parts
  • Appliances
  • Office/home furniture (including ready-to-assemble items)
  • Food and beverage (fruits and vegetables)
  • Direct shipping (courier)

Construction Specifications

Selon Spec

Technical Roll Specifications

  • Maximum width: 60 in/122 cm
  • Maximum length: 900 ft/275 m
  • Core diameter: 3-12 in/7.6-30,5 cm
  • Outside diameter: up to 72 in/183 cm

Equipment solution

  • 2-level height detection design for quick size changeovers
  • Integrated infeed/outfeed system
  • Safety interlock doors (OSHA-/CSA-compliant)
  • Collision/fall protection
  • PLC control system
  • Operator and maintenance manual



Estimated system floor space: 50 ft X 18 ft
*Includes infeed and outfeed conveyor and stretch wrapper