Protective Packaging Chain

Rethinking Packaging Protection

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Rethinking Product Protection

Rethinking Product Protection

Cascades assists you in streamlining the entire process by:

  • reducing the number and size of packaging components
  • concentrating protection primarily on the most vulnerable areas
  • optimizing the efficiency of manufacturing processes
  • maximizing shipping capacity, while improving stacking
    and load stability

Rethinking Handling & Shipping

Rethinking Handling & Shipping

Cascades makes handling and shipping easier
and cost-effective by:

  • providing green alternatives to traditional materials
  • manufacturing sturdy, lighter pallets and handling systems
  • adapting to particular shipping conditions or products
    with irregular dimensions
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Rethinking Load Securement

Rethinking Load Securement Rethinking Load Securement

Cascades helps you decrease damage-related costs
during product transportation by:

  • reducing the amount of load securement components
  • mastering technical expertise for cargo-specific protection
  • optimizing stability with the best load securement techniques
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Rethinking Pads & Partitions

Rethinking Pads & Partitions Rethinking Pads & Partitions

Introducing the eco-friendly,
high-performance inner-
packaging protection

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