Rethinking: Laminated Repulpable Paperboard (LRB)

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Laminated Repulpable Paperboard (LRB)

Product Advantages

Repulpable*, heavy-duty laminated paperboard

  • Our expertise in multilayered laminated paperboard construction
    and material integration allows for an impressive assortment
    of options (leakproof, direct food contact, reinforced
    container constructions)

FiberSmart Multiboard paperboard technology

  • Purpose-designed FiberSmart multilayered construction
    for added performance
  • A wide variety of surface finishes and lamination materials
  • More performance, smart use of fiber composites
  • Sun ray reflection capability for protective packaging applications
  • Color options available

Quality and performance

  • Typical Multiboard construction offers high-converting performance
  • Rigorous Multiboard manufacturing process and inspections for
    consistent performance
  • High-stacking strength properties
  • Structural integrity properties
  • Puncture resistant and rupture proof construction
  • Brand friendly properties - high preprint or offset print quality
    *Conditional to Cascades' Closed-Loop Recovery Program
Repulpable Fiber Smart Identification
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Product Features

Business Advantages

  • Repulpable* laminated paperboard products
  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • FiberSmart Technical Support Program
    • Exploring new purpose-designed and performance-specific
      multilayered paperboard constructions
    • Less fiber, more performance
  • Cascades is fully integrated with more than one hundred
    converting plants, paper mills and recovery operations
  • E-consignment (min/max) — automatic replenishment
  • Paperboard Waste Recovery — Closed–Loop Recycling Program availability
*Conditional to Cascades’ Closed-Loop Recycling Program

Technical Specifications

  • Caliper: up to 50 pt.
  • Maximum roll width
    2.9 m / 114 in.
  • Core diameter:
    7,6 - 10,2 - 15,2 or 30,8 cm /
    3 - 4 - 6 or 12 in.
  • Outside diameter:
    81,2 to 182,9 cm / 32 to 72 in.
  • Wide variety of surface finish
    and lamination material:
    • Clear film - HDPE-PP-PET
    • Metalized film - PP-PET

Product Applications

Built to Spec
LRB Product Applications

FiberSmart Technology Options

Fibersmart Technology Options